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Every fall things heat up in the photography world as folks scramble to get in family pictures for holiday cards and gifts. And I totally get it. It’s the best time of year in Charlotte for photography, with the cooler weather and the lovely fall colors.

And every year I am swamped! Thankfully and happily swamped! =) I work like a mad woman to capture REAL smiles, while also staying true to my lifestyle photography nature. I love moments, not necessarily traditional portraits but I do feel that every once and a while, those too have their place in the world.

Photography is all around us these days. Social media, Web, TV, phones… pictures are everywhere.

Pictures of cups of coffee and what people are eating for lunch. I’ve pondered this lately, why are their so so so many pictures? And I think the reason is simple: we love visual media. We love art. We love beauty in breakfast photographed well.

Art is important. If you don’t think you are an art lover, just look around the spaces you live in. There are lines and colors all around us. Which is why I keep moments real and beautiful for art’s sake. For mine and your sake. Because art makes people happy.

And here is a little bit of happiness for your day:

Enjoy your spaces. Print your pictures. Love the life you live! =)




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