Lindsey & Jeff | Charlotte Wedding Photography | Lovely and Bright | Amanda McQuade Photography

First let me say that Lindsey and Jeff are when you meet them one of those couples you just fall in love with. You know they are meant for each other. Her fun-loving personality and Jeff’s dry sense of humor play off each other so well. They seem to keep each other grounded and at the same time, light and care-free.

Also, Lindsey is just gorgeous. The most perfect skin. Tall and lovely, she kinda reminded me of a young Grace Kelly, the light way she carried herself on what for some people can be a pretty stressful day. But not for Lindsey. She was the picture of demure calm and beauty.

There are so many fantastic images for their wedding, I’ve decided to break this blog into a few parts, staring with the ladies getting ready and enjoying Lindsey’s last few moments before marrying her beloved.

Here are a few of my favs. Shot at the very elegant Providence Country Club near Weddington, NC.





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