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First, they are funny. Like, seriously funny. And relaxed. And they thought they wouldn’t be natural in photos… Derp! They were awesome!

They met in college. They fell in love. A Southern boy and a Middle-Eastern girl. Biscuits and curry. Love them.

I met them for the first time on their wedding day. We didn’t get the chance to do an engagement session since they are both in grad school and based in Asheville, it just wasn’t possible. But they aren’t traditional anyway, so it was fitting. I spoke to Ece a few times and we settled on a totally relaxed style, minimal posed family pics (my style!) and lots of dancing. She also loves images of all the little things. And I will have a whole blog on all the little touches Ece added to their wedding day to make it just so very special. Below are just a few.

And those shoes! Gah!


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The Cotton Room in Raleigh, NC was amazing! Professional, thoughtful, and delicious. Down to the teeny details, they were really great. It was also a great open room to have an awesome party. Couches, bar, more couches, tiny nooks to talk in, more couches. And plenty of dancing space.

Large, perfect windows. Industrial, yet warm. Really fitting for Ece and David’s wedding day. It was so THEM.

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Ece’s dress has to be one of my favorite wedding dresses, ever. Wonderful movement and it fit her like a glove. Soft and light with lots of lushes layers, it perfectly complimented David’s throw-back attire, with suspenders and tweed style slacks. A lovely mix of traditional and modern cool.

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Such a fun and sweet group of ladies standing by Ece as she steps out into life with David. I loved photographing this Raleigh, NC wedding and I would recommend the Cotton Room to any future bride and groom.

If you’re looking into wedding photography for the NC or SC area, there are a TON of wedding photographers out there. Here are a few tips to finding the right one for you:

  1. What’s your style? Your vibe? Your personality? I think this is the most important part of finding a wedding photographer. I am with my brides most of the day. And most of the day I’m herding the cats, in the most kindest and sweet way possible. I strive to move things along, gently, so you can get to your party and still be able to move your smile muscles! =)
  2. LOOK at their portfolio. I mean, really look. Ask about reception images. Can they use off-camera flash? Are they great with low-light? Bright sun? Meaning, are they a PRO? You need a pro. You do not need someone building their wedding portfolio. They will mess your images up. And badly. I promise you. You need a photographer that can handle any lighting situation. This is what sets the pros from the fauxs. Trust me, you don’t want anyone else handling the one day you’ve planned for for years. There is one shot, many times, to get that great image and a pro will always get it.
  3. Budget. Let’s face it, it’s there and important. I would say that photography is the only tangible pieces you will have from your amazing day (besides your loving spouse) and you will want those memories to be clear and beautiful. A reasonable budget for a photographer is around $2400 for 8 hours of coverage. I would be very weary of going less than that. Photography is an expensive career and weddings are a ton of work and pressure. A professional will charge accordingly.

Hope this is a helpful list for all those thinking wedding thoughts. =)




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