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My newborn sessions aren’t what they used to be (in a good way!)

I used to spend so much of my shooting time arranging props and then getting some poor sweet baby to sleep in said prop. And then move from set up to set up, all while trying to keep baby asleep. It literally took up 75% of the newborn shoot.

A while back, I began to grow tired of props. They seemed meaningless in my newborn photography. And don’t get me wrong, there are some AH-MAZING newborn prop photographers out there! However, props don’t fit my style. They aren’t what I am passionate about. And so, in 2016, I decided to focus on just baby.

Babies need no help looking adorable. They are perfectly simply amazing just as they are, down to wrinkles and flaky skin. And I love those things. The details and movements of babies are fascinating. They are a witness of their Creator. Formed lovingly and fearfully in their mother’s womb.

Below is baby Nolan’s newborn images. Uncluttered with props. He’s photographed on a quilt his Nana made and with his lovey. Things he will always love. Items that bring meaning to the image instead of distraction.

He is just simply wonderful.

Nolan Blog 1Nb2

These are images I hope this sweet Charlotte NC family will love forever. They are images I hope Nolan will love looking at when he is older. Photojournalism in it’s sweetest form.


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