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This sweet mom contacted me a while back to capture her fun little family that recently grew with the addition of their new baby girl who would soon turn 1 year. We met early one summer morning at a great little park in Dilworth to capture some candid moments of all of them together.


Photographing parents cuddling or playing with their kids is one of my favorite way to candidly “pose” people. It’s not a traditional photo by any stretch. There are wrinkled clothes, imperfect poses, and no one is looking at the camera. But there is joy. A tremendous amount of joy and emotion is what connects us to images.

Let’s all think back to those Olin Mills portraits. I’m sure one word comes to mind: painful. I recall them being a pretty painful ordeal at my house… My poor dad would agree to them every three or four years only after my mom hounded him about getting a “family picture” taken… Ugh. We all hated them. My mother, bless her heart for trying.

Those portraits, like all those old traditional portraits, were painful because you couldn’t move. There was almost no personality to the images, unless you wore a terrible sweater, or used a can of hairspray on your mullet. For more awkward family photos please click HERE.

My sole purpose in my photography is to prevent your images from being submitted to the above link. How tragic!

Bless them.

Anyway, back to my sweet family who wanted to come out and grab awesome images of them and their kids, so that someday when they look back at these photos, they will love them! Instead of cringe at them like most of us 80’s kids do.

So they researched and hired a professional photographer to document this time for them in a lovely, effortless way.


amp_1005I love love love black and white images. Especially for families. For everyone. This makes me happy. amp_1071amp_1021

This family took my advice of just play with your kids and let me worry about the images seriously. Giggles. So many giggles.


And when the almost 1 year old is a serious mover, you go with capturing that lovely fun smile upside down. Because it’s totally her.


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