Uptown Family | Charlotte NC Photographer | Family Session

I’d been itching (for a while) to get out of the fields. So many family sessions in fields and woods and gardens. The problem is I’m easily board with the same photography over and over again (probably why I dislike studio photography) after a while everything starts to look the same.

So I was thrilled when this little family was up for a shoot in Uptown. On a rooftop. Skyline and all. No tall wispy wheat. Yay! Although I still love those fields.

Photographing my clients in new locations also makes me better at what I do. It forces me to see things differently and handle that manual camera mode in a whole new way. This is what makes me love wedding photography, too. Shooting in a new location means I have to step out of what I am comfortable shooting.

And these images make me giddy. Are they that “perfect family portrait” I don’t know. Maybe. I think that perfect family photo is so boring. It’s 1985 no matter how much it tries to not be. And I think we can all do a bit better than 1985.

Submitted for your approval, the modern family portrait.

amp_0727amp_0737amp_0758amp_0761This is my fav. That sky.


Usually I like a clean, bright edit. Something very opposite of this. But every location calls for it’s own interpretation, and this just called for some drama.

amp_0784amp_0788amp_0821amp_0853This sweet mama, Erin, also co-opporates a local shop (Laura Lou Shop) hand making jewelry. You can follow her or see some really great pieces on Instagram @lauraloushop. Seriously, check her out!

Peace out, friends. enjoy the weekend!





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