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For years now, I’ve wanted to add film to my sessions.

Way back before my children were born, before Charlotte and sweet tea and roads that intersect with themselves (hello, corner of Sharon and Sharon) there was LA and film and script-editing, PA work, and publishing.

All back before I was a mommy. Before I drove an USV and bought Traders Joe’s yogurt and bananas like they were the last food on earth. And fed said bananas to my kids in that car. Ugh. That poor car.

There was film.

My sweet husband went to school for film. Taught me to love film and editing and the importance of a great film score. He was the first to teach me light (we’ve been together since high school, so think 1996) and jump cuts and why we all love Hitchcock.themanwithnoname

But I introduced him to Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns, so I think we are more than even.

All this to say, I love what film brings to the table. Life moving and breathing is something that cannot be captured in photography. Sure, a beautiful image captures something really special, maybe even the soul of a person in one single frame. But film also does this, too. And more.

On a side note, if you haven’t seen any of the Man with No Name Trilogy, stop whatever you are doing, call in sick for work, and Amazon this now. Like yesterday now. Seriously. Go.

Now what was I saying? Ah, yes. Babies and photography and all that jazz.

So after a year of shooting 10 weddings, then a year of getting pregnant and having our sweet and adorable third baby (also a funny story that you can read HERE) I finally have the time to storyboard out what I will offer with my baby sessions (Birth // Fresh 48 // In-Home Lifestyle).

During my baby sessions, we will shoot both film and photography, so my clients have lovely art to display on their walls and feel and touch. Images to send to far away relatives and baby announcements. And they will also have a lovely film to share with friends and family. And one day to show this new little life how excited they were to welcome him or her into their family.

So now I can proudly say this studio, that cares deeply about new life, will be offering FILM for our 2017 baby sessions! Lovely HD films to accompany your gorgeous images. Oh, my heart is full of the possibilities.

Here is a little preview of an in-home lifestyle film brought to you by the little crew at AMP.  Enjoy!

Baby N | Newborn Lifestyle Session Highlight Film from Amanda McQuade Photography on Vimeo.

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