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All I can say is baby E and her little sister are some of my favorite teeny clients from 2016.

Their parents are wonderful and kind and patient. And they chose all neutrals, which makes my heart smile.


Be still. My heart.


Their older daughter has the most curly hair. Ever. I loved it so much because my second also has the most curly mess of hair. Ever.

We use mountains of conditioner. And leave-in conditioner. And we fear chewing gum.


Their mama ordered them matching Christmas pajamas. Because she’s awesome.

How simple and lovely is this new mom? I mean she had a baby like 10 days ago!


Sometimes you meet folks and your like yes, this is going to be magical. Because you all are happy being you and everyone just goes with it and no one freaks out when the toddler jumps all over the bed. We just flow. Because life is a beautiful crazy wonderful mess and we’d have it no other way. <3


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