Favorite Photo Gifts Under the Tree

Every year, I choose two gorgeous photo-gifts that are my favorite meaningful gifts for friends and family this 2017 Christmas season.


Number One: A Large Gallery Wrap

Now, we all know what they look like and the quality is variable between consumer labs (some okay, some terrible) But my pro lab is perfect. Thick paper, securely mounted. Perfect for the holiday pictures of you and your loved ones.

My fav. size? 20×30. It’s not nearly as large as you think. And if you’re going to hang something on your wall and see it from across the room, it needs to be at least 16×20.


Number Two: Image Folios

With stunning construction and thick matting, these are perfect for friends and family for whom wall art isn’t their jam. My fav? The 4 image, 5×7. It’s perfectly classic and you can decorate around it with holly and candles for added drama.

If you see something here that tickles your fancy, just message me and we can get to working on something special under the tree this year.




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