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For a while the weather this fall freaked me out. It was unseasonable cold, rainy, and dismal. I thought maybe we would just be over that beautiful fall light that breaks through the changing trees and gives that glorious orange sunset that you can’t get any other time of year in Charlotte (or the South for that matter) because everything is so green and hot for so long.

But the sun and sweet crisp fall weather returned, and brought with it that sunset I love so much.

I no longer offer minis with files included (you can find that post HERE) for a host of reasons. There are a ton of photographers who still offer those 15-20min high-pressure, sit and look at the camera sessions (or at least that’s what I call minis) but I don’t do that any longer, mostly because of this above image. See, I can’t do that with 8 families back-to-back. No one can. But I want all my families to have images like this! Cause, they are gorgeous!!

I have to literally be in the right spot at the right time of day with enough time to make everyone comfy in front of the camera for beauties like this. And so, that’s what I did this year. And it makes my heart happy to know everyone gets to choose quality over quantity. Beauty over normality. Joy over smile at the camera.

I saw a lot of photographers out there this year. And we are all different. But if you choose someone who has their whole heart in the game, someone who’s carful about their craft, someone who has a long list of education, workshops, experience, and who genuinely cares about these memories you’re preserving – you will never go wrong with your photographer choice.

Images are about connection and meaning. When this mama looks at this pictures 20 years from now, it will instantly transport her to this moment again. That’s the power of visual art. It makes time-travel real and tangible in a way that other things cannot.

So, in this quick season of life, invest in someone who cares about you and your memories more than filling in all the time-slots for their day. Think about it: You’re choosing outfits, hauling your family out there to most likely yell at the kids for 15min to try and get “one good photo”. That is literally one step up from Sears. You don’t come to a professional artist, for a Sears experience.

So here’s a brief list of things to consider when choosing a photographer:

  1. Is Their Head in the Game? Meaning are they really a pro with experience, education, knowledge about light, gear, settings, posing? Or do they just have a decent SLR that they like to take pictures with? Believe me, there is an enormous difference in quality. Not to mention you run the risk of images being lost, for them taking forever to get back to you, for not-so-great results.
  2. Do They Have a Consistent Portfolio? Meaning, do all their images look cohesive in light, editing, composition, thought? That way you have an goal of what to expect from a session.
  3. Are They Insured? This is critical especially when hiring a newborn photographer. They should know how to handle babies, where to place kids/adults to keep everyone safe, ect. Also if an accident happens and their equipment is damage, you can’t be held liable for that.
  4. Do They Offer Professional-Grade Products? You should never get an outdated CD that will most-likely be lost in a few years. And someone who can back up their work with actual products believes-in and trusts their art to speak for itself.

These are just a few of the things to consider when hiring a photographer. Mostly, their art should connect with you. You should love what you see and want similar images for your family.

So, happy photographer-hunting! I hope you find someone you love to enjoy images like this every day!

Take care, Friends! And enjoy this gorgeous holiday season!




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