5 Tips for Jumping Into Wedding Planning

In the US, over 50% of engagements happen at the holiday season (between Thanksgiving and New Years) and after that initial excitement of being engaged to the one you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with wears off, there is the small matter of planning a wedding. I joke when I say small because we all know getting 100+ of your friends and family together on the same day, in the same space, wearing similar clothes is no small feet! So here are my TOP 5 must-do’s for wedding day planning to make everything run really smooth and to take the stress out of planning a wedding. 

#1: Determine What Matters MOST to You Both. 

Have you always wanted to elope and your fiancé dreams of a castle wedding? Re-create the ballroom scene from Beauty and the Best? A beach wedding? An open bar? Ice sculptures? Bohemian outdoor wedding? Top of the mountains with just your best friends? No matter what your vision is for your wedding day, make sure it’s yours. We have gathered so much traditional baggage from generations of weddings, that’s it’s almost impossible to picture your wedding without visual references of 10,000 other weddings popping into your head. 

Guess what? You don’t have to toss garter. You don’t have to have all matching bridesmaids dresses. You don’t have to have a cake for that matter. Have doughnuts! Everyone loves doughnuts. My point is that throwing out your misconceptions about where to marry and how to marry is a GOOD thing, and in the end it will help you focus on your relationship, and both the bride and the groom (who is often over-looked) will feel the day represents both of them, well. 

#2: Make Your Photographer and Videographer A TOP Priority. 
I’m going to be honest. I see a lot. A LOT of people hopping on the photography wagon with very little experience in lighting or shooting conditions. And let me tell you, even if you have a pretty good working knowledge of those elements, weddings are still a whole other level of insanity for the photographer/videographer who is unseasoned. 
Here are just a few things to consider when searching for the one person who will be responsible for your memories: 

  1. Look a several full wedding days. Recent weddings. Not styled shoots or second shooting. Make sure they can provide everything you’re looking for during the whole day. 
  2. Are they a legit business? Not just a side-hustle? It’s so important that they take your wedding memories as seriously as you do. That they protect them by having insurance, backup equipment, and will be around 5 years down the road in case you need anything from that day. 
  3. Look at their style carefully. Are their images constantly-edited? In-focus? Creative (doesn’t look like it’s been shot with an iPhone). 
  4. Can they help with planning a timeline? We provide this service for our clients. ???? So so many times we are the time-keepers as well as the shooters, dress-bustlers, make-up-advisers. and so. mush. more. So make sure your seasoned pro has got your back and you can rest fully the day of, knowing everything is covered! 

#3. Have a Rain/Hurricane Plan
I love these southern outdoor spring and fall weddings, but weather is crazy. Just nuts. So be sure to have a plan in place for hurricanes or any other sort of weather anomaly that may come your way. And when it comes your way, just breathe. You’re marrying your person. That has to be more than enough in the end!

#4. Practice Dancing That First Dance Song. 
Because a 3min song is fabulous on the radio, not so great when you have to dance to it in from of a mob of hungry people waiting for their dinner. Talk with your DJ about shortening songs, too. Split Second Sound and Z Brother’s is great at this! 

#5. Ask Your Photographer For Recommendations on Vendors 
We’ve worked with so many wedding vendors over the years, so it’s no surprise we know a lot of good and great people out their who you can have confidence hiring! 

Just a few thoughts on how to jump into the wedding-planning process confidently and its joy for the start of your lives together! Congratulations to all those new couples out there! Cannot wait to hear your stories in 2019! 




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