Jill + Anthony | Charlotte Wedding Photographers | Midland, NC Wedding | Amanda McQuade Photography

When I met with Jill and her mom to chat about wedding photography, my process, ect. we immediately connected. One, Jill is very kind, gracious, and she is a teacher (special place in my heart for those teachers!) Second, she asked if I like BBQ. Seriously folks, photographers (and all vendors working your wedding) love to be asked this question. Not because we are hungry (well, maybe some of us are) but because it shows us you care about us as people. And that is SO important.

Photographers and videographers HAUL IT the day of and leading up to a wedding. I may spend upwards of 30 hours BEFORE the wedding shooting engagement sessions, emails, phone calls, pouring over timelines, thinking about the weather (and planning accordingly). Really, so much goes into what I and the other Charlotte Wedding Photographers do learning up to the wedding itself that’s so important. So when Jill asked about BBQ I knew she was my kinda bride. 😉

And I was excited for their wedding because it was taking place at a brand new farm in Midland, NC (Willow Creek Farm). I’m always thrilled as an artist to get into a fresh space, to find its pockets of light and joy. Change must be a constant as a photographer (at least for me) lest all my couples end up with the same images, that are more my style than their story. I never want that to happen.

Jill and Anthony wed on a bright and pretty spring day. I am over-the-moon with their images and how this wedding was truly them and their story. Wishing them a lifetime of joy and peace.


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