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Being invited into someone’s home to photograph their family has always struck me as pretty emotional. When I think about why families seek to book a newborn photographer – to remember this moment in time all together – it strikes me as pretty important.

With cell phone cameras and social media, a photograph can seem pretty blasé but when a family reaches out to me to book their newborn session, I am always humbled, and want to make sure I am documenting not just what people look like at a certain time and place, but what it FEELS like to anticipate and welcome a new baby into the world.

Meeting your new very best friend is a huge deal! It’s a huge deal now! And these photographs will be and even bigger deal in the future. 20 years from now, when this little girl is off to college, these are the images that will transport you back to what it felt like to be all brand new with her.
Lifestyle Photographer Charlotte

For families, I love to keep things simple and fun. Bright and uncluttered. Lifestyle sessions are so endearing since this is the first place where you brought them home. The first memories they will form. Maybe where they will learn to walk.

Newborn Photographer Charlotte

Look at those sweet little elephant knees. This has to be my favorite part of photographing newborns (and while I do LOOOOVE all the cuddles) the smallest deals make everything so real and awe-inspiring. How do they have such perfectly-formed knee-wrinkles! I love all those little things.

Charlotte baby photographer

And the way her hair swirls at the back – just so lovely.

If you’re interested in booking your newborn session, please reserve time after your 20 week ultrasound.

Take care, friends!

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