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My dear long-time friend Amanda and her family have been through so much in the past two years. At just barley 40 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, something that I'm sure you have also had a friend, mother, sibling, effected with. By the grace of God she prevailed and recovered, as you can tell by her tail-tale brown ringlet curls (something that's pretty common when women loose their hair and then it comes back in.) Amanda had straight blonde hair before this harrowing journey.

And this is truly why I love what I do, fine art portrait photography. I love the ability to create a moment in which time is still and my dear friend can enjoy these memories and this time with her family. Cancer sucks. It's brutal. Uncaring and completely devastating. But my friend is living proof that it doesn't need to be the defining story of your life.

When you speak to her, cancer rarely comes up. You know what she talks about? Her family. Her four wonderful kids. Her dear husband, Tom.

I was thrilled with these gorgeous photographs of them. And we were so luck to catch just the best light this evening in Charlotte, NC.

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