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This little sweet girl was just at about a month old when she came into the studio, proving that even a little older, is just as cuddly as a two-week old baby. As a Charlotte, NC newborn photographer a lot of folks want to know "When is the best time to book my newborn session?" The answer I give most of the time is right about the 20 week mark, after the anatomy scan. BUT don't let that deter you from reserving your session even if your little love has already arrived! Many times, families are caught off guard and forget to check that off the list, and that's okay! I may have to do some wrangling to get you in, or we may have a wait a bit, but I've photographed babies at up to 6 weeks of age, and they are still so sleepy and cuddly. 

What I love most as a newborn photographer is parent/newborn photos! These are always my favorite because I know how little you're going to be photographed with your baby over the next few years. Most of the time we take a occasional selfie and document the kids like it's our JOB. But these parent/child photographs are so important. They have the ability to carry you through tough times, and transport you back to that day even when they are all grown up. 

So if you'd like to reserve your session, please reach out. I've got a FABULOUS membership program that has some amazing perks. 

Lots of love, 


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