What to Wear for Your Newborn Photography Session

As a professional newborn photographer in the Charlotte/Ballantyne area, friends are always asking, "What Do I Wear for My Newborn Photography Session?" And let's be honest, nothing probably fits right, even if you're one of the lucky mamas that doesn't swell up like a frog; things probably just don't fit great right now. It can take a good three months for your uterus and postpartum swelling to go down. And if you've had a particularly hard pregnancy, or have had to do IVF or something along those lines, it can really take a toll on your body!

As a mother, I also get how hard shopping for clothing can be, too. The stores aren't great at carrying dresses that flatter new moms, and we all just end up in leggings!

That's why I carry a huge selection of perfect, feminine pieces that flatter new moms, and that photograph so well. I was your images to be timeless! Etherial, gorgeous photographs that will stand the test of time and not images that are focused on the next photography trend (we all remember selective color, right??)

Here are some of my favorite studio dresses moms have chosen for their session:

A classic white, heavy cotton dress is amazing for new moms. It feels so soft, breathes well, and you can feed your baby easily!

This off-the-shoulder gauze dress with a simple pattern is also one of my favorites for new mamas. It's so comfortable, easy to feed baby in, and a great light-weight for all those raging hormones that shed after baby is born.

This timeless beauty is also perfect for shorter mamas, and has such lovely breathable material. It's a favorite around here!

My last pic for newborn photography is this light pink timeless piece from Free People. It's chosen so many times for it's simple embroidery, feminine detail, and the lovely way it drapes in all the right ways.

I love including wardrobe and professional hair and makeup for new mothers, who really need someone to care for them at this vulnerable and amazing stage in life. You can visit more of the details that go into my exclusive newborn photography experience here.

Cheers, Friends!

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