When Should I Book My Maternity Photos? Charlotte Area Maternity Photographer, Amanda McQuade

As a maternity photographer in the Ballantyne-Charlotte NC area, I am often asked, "When Do I Book My Maternity Photos?" and it's such a great question! Pregnancy is such a magical time. It can also be (like all mine) really terrible! And you may just have that sweet-spot window where you feel great and you're not really uncomfortable yet.

Sometimes this can depend on if this is your first pregnancy, too! Mamas who have a few kids are going to look more pregnant earlier than mamas who are expecting their first baby.

Whether you're having a great pregnancy or a trying one, this time passes so quickly! I adore intimate and timeless maternity photographs because this is such a great opportunity to celebrate the mother, and mothers have such a place in my heart. My own mother and I were so close, and when she passed away quite unexpectedly in 2019, it brought to the forefront how many photos I really had with her, and just her and I specifically, and there were almost none. My mom had five kids, and so many of us over the years are with her in photos. But I don't have very many of just her and I, which if I'm honest, hurts.

We are mothers. We are someone's everything. And some of us are everything to a few little people, and that's such a good thing! It's a thing to be celebrated.

I think in this age of constant digital images in our face all the time, and the ease of our phones, we can easily think that we don't really need these photos. And I'm here as a mother to say you do need them! But only if they are done well. And isn't that the key? What is valuable isn't a photo, it's the feeling and memory from those photos.

And this is why I love the potential of great maternity photography! I want these memories for my clients. I want them to have visual heirlooms for generations. Treasures to stow away and keep as valued artifacts.

So when to reserve these gorgeous maternity images?

I tend to advise moms who seek me out for maternity photos to book their maternity photoshoot when they are around 28-34 weeks pregnant (depending on if this is your first baby or not). During this period of your maternity your bump will be gorgeous and round. Typically moms also feel their best at this point in their pregnancy as well. When you feel good, it’ll be easier for you to look your best. However, no two pregnancies are the same, so sometimes we may book your session outside of 28-34 weeks. As general practice, it’s also preferable to set up your shoot a few weeks prior to your chosen photoshoot date. 

I offer a number of options for maternity photoshoots. During your initial booking, we will discuss these options. For example, you could choose from a studio or outdoor session, or even a mix of both. I have an amazing green area that's private and close to my studio in the Ballantyne area near South Charlotte. My fine art photography studio is filled with dresses that are maternity-friendly but don't scream that dramatic maternity shoot that is sometimes popular on Insta. as part of the maternity wardrobe that I offer.

If you would like to chat about maternity photography in the Charlotte NC area, I would love to connect!

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